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There are 3 types of pets namely Foxy, Tiger & Rhino representing three critical aspects of the game raid, attack, and block respectively. We always have to keep in mind that pets will only help us if they are awake, if we feed a pet with a snack it stays awake for 4 hours and again it sleeps, let’s discuss each of the pets in detail 

How do these pet snacks work for Rhino? 

Rhino pet as the name of the animal suggests is a protector, it protects your village against getting attacked from fellow players and friends, basically, it is an advanced version of the shield, each shield protects your village only once but if you are running out of shield you can awake this pet from the sleep by feeding him with the snacks, and this pet is activated for 4 hours, so during this period if anyone attacks your village this pet will protect your village even if you don’t have any shield, it is a defensive strategy and should be used when you are stuck in the middle of the village formation and are out of coins and spins to further build and complete your village 

How this pet snacks works for Tiger? 

Tiger is a very wild animal signifies the same use in the game thereby giving you more reward during your attack on other villages when you hit three hammers while spinning. If you are playing this game for a considerable amount of time now you would have realized that we get more opportunities to attack a village then raid a village, so why not leverage this pet for gaining some extra coins, it is more beneficial to use this pet when you are sure of a successful attack so you get more bonus coins 

How this pet snacks works for Foxy? 

A cunning Fox has a quality to sense hunters similarly our foxy increases the amount of your raid by your level percentage winning you more coins, think of an instance where just a raid was enough to complete your entire village from start to end during village master event entitling you lot more bounty points. For an instance, if your Foxy is at 100 % level, and you raided a 50 million from a village you will get additional 50 million if your foxy is activated during the raid and if you are playing X100 multiples then your total winning would be whopping 10 Billion coins, so instead of % billion you get just double of your raid amount with the help of foxy, such is an enormous impact of this per. Below attached is one such instance when I successfully raided 9.7 Billion, so activate this pet when you have accumulated a lot of spins and planning to play long because every time you raid you get this advantage, similarly like Tiger and Rhino this pet is also activated for 4 hours once you feed the pet with the pet snacks  

How to feed pets? 

One can activate all the pets by feeding pet snacks, but only one pet can be activated with one pet snack at a time, you can find the pet to the left-hand side of the spin button, by clicking on the pet it will take you to the pet division where you can select the pet first and then at the lower part of the screen you will find the pet snacks and pet potions, by selecting pet potions you can increase the level of your pet and by selecting the pet snacks you can feed your selected pet and keep it active for 4 hours, once the 4-hour laps you have to again feed the snack to keep it activated so choose your pets wisely as pet snacks are difficult to accumulate     

How to get free pet snacks for pets in Coin Master? 

There are many other ways to get pet snacks apart from completing the above mentioned selected village set and Wait a bit event was once in 24 hours you can activate your pet for 15 minutes. One such instance is by winning various tournaments which coin master starts for few hours preferably in the range of 6 hours to 24 hours, so if you finish in top 3 you will be entitled to open a special box which always contains some pet snacks in the range of 2-5, so we should also focus on these tournaments as well and not just blindly focus only on completing villages because at the later stages this strategies will come handy when completing a village will cost billions of coin, for instance, to completely build village number 150 will cost you 24 billion coins 

  • Tournament gifts 
  • During village master event 
  • During Vikings quest by completing each mission 
  • Trough completing few card sets

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