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Hey folks, enjoying playing Coin Master? By now we must have realized this game has much more lot to offer than just what it looks from the outside, so this time we are going to focus more on the hidden beneficial aspects of the game 

How many pets are there in Coin Master?  

There are three types of pets in Coin Master: – 

  1. Foxy 
  1. Tiger 
  1. Rhino 

These three pets have their unique advantages and can be your alpha strategy going forward and scaling up the ladder in the game and constantly beat and be above your fellow friends in the leaderboard, one can activate these pets by selecting the desired pet as per the requirements by feeding them with the snacks, that brings us to the concept of “snack”.  

How do I keep my pet awake in Coin Master? How to get Treats (snacks/pet potions) for pets in Coin Master? 

When you feed a pet with Snacks, its effect lasts for 4 hours, it can be obtained in the following ways 

  1.  Purchasing it with real money. 
  1. Daily snack, Coin master has been generous off late and for 15 minutes daily it provides the snack which you can use it to your own advantage while playing the game once in every 24 hours. 
  1. Apart from the above mentioned two methods one can also get the snacks by completing the following card sets, for instance when you complete for example 
  • Goblin card set you get 17 pet snacks along with additional 1200 spins 
  • Mythical card set will get you 60 whooping pet snacks and 
  • Venice card set will provide you with 13 pet snacks on the completion of the set and many more  

How this pet snacks works for Foxy in Coin Master? 

Now let us understand how this pet snacks works, if you feed a pet with a snack for an instance Foxy it will give you the extra coins for every raid, for example if your foxy efficiency is 20 percent, so while foxy is active and if you raid any of your friends village you will get additional 20 percent more coins that what you already received, for an instance if you made a raid of 10 million coins foxy will provide additional 2 million coins so in this way you win more coins every time and creates a distinct advantage for you 

How this XP potion works for pets in Coin Master? 

But only pet snacks are not enough, it should also be coupled with XP potions which is nothing but experience points potions, this increases the efficiency of the snacks so if you feed the pet with XP potions it increases the levels of pets, not only that with each level crossed you get stars as well, so again that directly puts you ahead of your friends in the leaderboard 

How to earn XP potions for pets in Coin Master? 

Similarly, like snacks one can get XP potions in various following ways 

  1. Buying it with real cash 
  1. By completing the various card sets, like Scotland card set will get you 35,000 pet potions, on the completions of Cyber cowboys card set you will get 100,000 pet potions, Swiss card set will provide you 45,000 pet potions, similarly Gnomes and China sets will fetch 12000 and 15000 pet potions respectively. Additionally, card sets like SherlockCamping and Space will make your pet levels richer 25,000, 20,000 and 5000 XP potions respectively 
  1. By winning various events and finishing in top 10 of tournaments you get XP potions in reward, higher you finished in the tournament the more potions you get  
  1. By building village during village master event coin master gifts you extra reward in the form of coins, spins and XP potions so keep in mind to accumulate coins and build village during village master event to score some additional points in the form of spins, XP potions and coins 
  1. During the Vikings event by completing each task you are entitled to win certain XP potions and only the last task can fetch you enormous 75000 XP potions along with coins, spins, and a golden card.
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