How to win Viking Quest?

Viking quest is a suit in Coin Master in which you can win coins, pet potions, XP, chests, and above all: gold cards. To do this you have to have stacked a pile of money and you are having a wager it to give up 10 levels. How to play Viking Event is accurately described by means of the usage of the lads of Coin Master, so I won’t supply a clarification for that. What I do goanna inform you which processes can help you quit the Viking quest. Why? Because in this undertaking you’d lose more than you win.

Coin Master Viking Quest bonus wheel

Viking Quest starts off easily. You have to play 5 situations and the money desired for that are given to you. After that, there are a few ranges in which you have to collect money or play a trouble-free Bonus wheel. The first massive barrier is stage 6. In this diploma, you have to win a serious extent of coins, totally from the bonus wheel. How to get a bonus wheel in Coin Master? Problem is that the bonus wheel entirely suggests up every and each and every as quickly as in a while, while big wins don’t compensate your money better. There are three tactics you can cope with this.

The first method of beating Viking Quest

The first and most used way to play Viking Quest is to play entirely until you give up stage 6. In this stage, you get the first gold card. Depending on the village you are on you possibly will desire 1.5-2 billion coins. In the supply up you will get this the use of completely 1/3 of your stack. This is due to the truth you get winnings from a lot of combos and you don’t favor that plenty bonus wheel winnings. Therefore, this way is easy, then again you entirely get 1 gold card.

Second approach

Viking Quest gold card

If you are eager to moreover get the second gold card in Viking Quest you have to be prepared. Needed winnings go sky high. Especially if you are above village a hundred Winnings from 4 billion up to eighty billion in the bonus wheel are needed. So, the first, and easiest, strategy to get the 2nd gold card is to stack a desirable sized volume of money and pray. Pray that you will get a large win a strategic moment. Start taking part in at most wager and go do the laundry. Every as quickly as in an at the same time as taking a look at your winnings and start the subsequent level. After noticeably a while you will see you have every gold card. Be aware that this method can fee you pretty a few billions of coins. But possibly this approach will entire you 1 or two sets. Make positive you use the large raids tactic to get sufficient money stacked.

The third strategy of beating Viking Quest

If you don’t have to masses money stacked you can moreover attempt to get the 2nd gold card. In this approach, you play all stages in which you have to win money at most bet. The number of winnings will likely be equal to the volume of money betted. Only the Bonus wheel tiers you play a little different. Since the Bonus wheel doesn’t come too often you will start taking part in at the lowest bet. After like 12 to 20 bets (you come across out what works best for you) you up the extent to the maximum. This way you don’t lose this a notable deal money in between bonus wheel spins. This requires a little activity and you counting spins, on the other hand, can get you the bonus wheel besides having to spend this massive volume of coins.

Fourth technique

Viking quest winning.

Another way to beat Viking Quest is by looking at combinations of three hearts. It seems that chances of getting a bonus wheel are larger definitely after you hit three hearts in a row. So play at minimal wager till you get three hearts, then set at most wager and go until you attain a bonus wheel. After this start as soon as greater with the lowest bet.

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