Coin Master | Basic information for Beginners

Coin Master Pets  There are three pets that can be obtained in Coin Master. They have their very own special feature. They are activated by way of treats. 1 deal with prompts pet for four hours. Treats are rewarded through occasions or random, by means of spinning the slot machine. They can additionally be sold […]

Coin Master | How to make big raids?

What are Raids?  Coin Master Raids are one of the motion objects on the slots.  When you spin a Raid, the sport will transport you to some other players’ Village and supply you three shovels and four spots marked via an “X” the place you can dig.  For Free Spins & Coins Click here In […]

Coin Master Viking Quest | Best Strategy

How to win Viking Quest?  Coin Master Viking Quest is a match in Coin Master in which you can win coins, pet potions, XP, chests, and above all: gold cards. To do this you have to have stacked a pile of cash and you are having a bet it to end 10 levels. How to play […]

Viking Quest Tips & Tricks

Viking Quest  The Viking Quest is a sport inside the sport that lets gamers to spin the new Viking Slots with their Coins alternatively of Spins and earn astronomical rewards!  Tapping on the reward icon close to the backside proper of the display screen will open the Mission Map which indicates the gamer’s development thru […]

Coin Master |How to get Golden Cards?

How to get free spins & Golden Cards through Events in Coin Master In coin master, there are so many events and daily challenges every day. For example, in the Viking Quest  Save a thousand spins.  When you go for the wager minimize the bid for 10 spins as soon as you get an excessive reward.  After 10 spins […]

Coin Master Pets | Complete Guide

How to feed pets in Coin Master?  How this pet snacks works for Foxy?  How did these pet snacks work for Rhino ?  How did these pet snacks work for Tiger in Coin Master ? 

What is Coin Master |How to play Coin Master

What is Coin Master ( Pet collection):   A pet helps your development quicker in the sport (typically receives your greater cash from a raid). There are one-of-a-kind types of pets, and every pet is a series of sure kind of cards. How do you win cards? By raiding different villages.  These two meta structures sit down on the pinnacle of […]

How to earn XP potions & snacks for pets in Coin Master? How to get free XP potions and pet snacks for pets in Coin Master?

How to earn XP potions for pets (Foxy, Tiger and Rhino) in Coin Master?  Similarly, like snacks one can get XP potions in various following ways  Buying it with real cash.  By completing the various card sets, like Scotland card set will get you 35,000 pet potions, on the completions of Cyber cowboys card set you will get 100,000 pet […]

Coin Master Cheat | What are Pets? | Coin Master

Hey folks, enjoying playing Coin Master? By now we must have realized this game has much more lot to offer than just what it looks from the outside, so this time we are going to focus more on Coin master Cheat and on the hidden beneficial aspects of the game  How many pets are there […]

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